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Is Your Website too Smart?

Do you know if your website copy matches the intellectual level of your intended audience? Have you ever read an article that was boring, written poorly, or difficult to read?

To make sure that your website isn’t having the same effect on people who visit your page. Consider giving it the Readability Test.

This online tool takes a page web address or URL and uses Gunning Fog, Flesch Reading Ease, and Flesch-Kincaid reading level algorithms to check how frequently you’re using long words to give you a reading level. Once scanned, the test gives you several scores that indicate whether to consider changing your copy to better meet the level of your intended audience. By using the tool and making adjustments you can reduce bounce rate and hopefully increase responses to calls to action.

Click on website test tools to access these free tools and begin to smarten up or dumb down your website. But ultimately readability and the user experience is of primary importance in getting people to read your website copy. Having content that is interesting, original, and engaging will keep people coming back to your website or blog for more.

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