Want Mobile Users To Call Your Business? How To Set Up Click To Call


How to Set Up Click To Call

If you want to make it easier for mobile phone users to call your business from their phone then you need to set up Click-to-Call in your Google Maps/places site.

When using the Click to Call feature-the business’s phone number is automatically stored in the caller ID of the caller to make it easy to ring the business back.

Google provides the call link as a free service to all businesses, but air time fees or other mobile fees still apply if you use a mobile phone number. Currently, the calling feature only works in the U.S for businesses in the U.S. And the click-to-call phone numbers appear on mobile devices with full internet browsers.

It must be noted that Microsoft Windows live offer this service as well for those who use that search engine, and there are Click-to-Call plugins for Internet Explorer.

In addition, if you are running ads on Google AdWords-there are several ways to show click-to-call phone numbers on text ads that are shown to users with high-end mobile devices featuring full Internet browsers.

You can also show a unique, clickable phone number to customers nearest a business location, and a different number to all other users.

Whether you are looking for a business or listing your business- Click-to-Call is making it much easier to be in touch.

How To Set Up Google Click to Call Widget

You will need a Google voice account. Do this by going to the Google Voice site and then click on “get an invite” or if you have a Google account then log into that account. By setting up a Google voice account, you are able to get a Google voice phone number that will forward your calls to whatever phone you want it to go when they dial the Google voice number. To set this up click on the “Settings” link. If you want to set up an existing phone number, you can add a new phone number, no matter what type of phone it is. Then select the “Call Widgets” link, and copy the code to your clipboard. Next, go to your website or landing page and paste this widget where you’d like to add it on the page.

If you need help with how to set up Click to Call-just give us a holler at (781) 325-8186.

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