The LevelUp App: Is it Right For Your Small Business?

The LevelUp App Payment Option

An increasing number of small business owners are looking to take advantage of a trend being seen of people wanting to use their mobile devices to pay for goods or services.

The convenience of paying for items by phone makes perfect sense for the consumer, and this form of payment increases the range of payment methods for clients and payment collection options for merchants.

The levelup payment app logo

A relative newcomer to this market is LevelUp is a mobile application(app) for Iphone and Android that allows registered users to securely link their credit or debit card to a unique QR code displayed within the app on the mobile phone.

I recently saw this app in action at a pizza place and was amazed at how quickly the purchased took place. The way it works is as follows: users scan the QR code on their phone at LevelUp terminals located at the business that accepts LevelUp as a form of payment. Users without smart phones can order a physical LevelUp card on which their unique QR code is printed.

Merchant Incentives

Merchants using LevelUp offer incentives/savings as way to get people to use the service such as:

  • First-time Visit Specials, and
  • Credits that patrons can unlock by spending a certain amount of money at the merchant’s location.

LevelUp charges a 0% payment processing rate. So when your customers pay you $10, you’ll get $10.

So How Does LevelUp Make Any Money?

They charge fees when you run campaigns on LevelUp. For example, if you run a campaign to attract new customers, or make your existing customers more loyal by giving them credits, LevelUp earns 40 cents of every dollar of incentives successfully redeemed through your campaign.

LevelUp is currently being offered to businesses in the Boston, New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis, Austin, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Buffalo, NY, Charlotte, NC, Cherry Hill, NJ, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Philadelphia areas.

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