SEO for Therapists

SEO For Therapists By Therapists

Want To Get More Clients From Your Website?

You need more clients. We get it.

You want to use online marketing and your website to attract your ideal clients. We get that too.

You do not want to waste your time trying to figure this SEO stuff out because you would rather be spending your time helping people and bringing in private practice income.

We Can Help!

We Are Your SEO Expert

No one knows search engine optimization (SEO) better than someone who has studied how the search engines work, and how they determine who gets on the first page in a search. When you want to use your website to get more referrals you need to know how the search engines work and how to use them to rank high on a search. That’s where we come in. We know how to make your website show up on the first page with our SEO for therapists program.

The SEO Program for Therapists and other Health Professionals

This program helps you get found on the first page of a Google search and includes the following services:

Help with creating 1 niche Blog article per month

Help with optimization of 1 existing website page per month, or creation and optimization of 1 new geotagged (helps with local search) website page per month

Business Building Coaching session with Wayne-1 per month where we set and review progress on business goals, keyword ranking and website conversion success in Google analytics, as well as your progress on practice marketing efforts.

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