Rooh.it: The Web-Based Highlighter

roohit the web based highlighter

Need A Web-Based Highlighter?

Rooh.it is a web-based highlighter that allows visitors to your website or blog to highlight sections of your text in any color, and instantly share it across any platform. Web visitors can post highlighted links to your website on popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, as well as individual blogs, instant messengers, and most Social Bookmarking sites.

Website owners can also highlight sections of their website or blog and can then forward the article on to their contacts with the relevant portions highlighted. The recipients view the entire article in the message, with the highlighted section intact.

The use of this tool can help facilitate your content going viral and if used correctly, help direct traffic to your website; because, according to Rooh.it, “whenever someone makes a highlight on your web page, they create a link to that highlight on every widget for every user using the Rooh.it service – instantly giving you lots of exposure.”

When it comes to search engine ranking this type of “engagement” is crucial to high ranking.

The service takes a little work to set up, and learn how to use, but is a really cool tool to share information once you get the hang of it.

Check the service out at http://www.roohit.com

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