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How Can Businesses Use OurCommonPlace Website?


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Local business listings can be effective ways to market your small business as many people prefer to shop and buy from local businesses. One of the most helpful and essential sites I’ve discovered to post local business information or events in Massachusetts is OurCommonPlace.

OurCommonPlace brings your neighbors, businesses and civic leaders together onto one ‘community network’ online.

List and Receive Notice of Events and Announcements

Create listings of your workshops, events, sales and get more local business.

Sign up and each day you can begin to receive short email messages from your neighbors and community leaders so you can see when events are happening and determine where it makes sense for you to be present.

Be Listed On A Search For Town Businesses

Businesses can get listed and be there when prospects search local listings for your type of business.

Start Conversations

Whenever something is of interest to you, you can hit ‘reply’ and start a community conversation, provide helpful advice or information and become known as an expert in your field.

Tell people what you are doing to support the community

Get Started With OurCommonPlace Now

Not every city or town has Ourcommonplace. Other towns which have OurCommonPlace sites include Lexington, Sudbury, and Watertown.

To see if your city or town has a page go to the OurCommonPlace website found at www.ourcommonplace.org. Another site that has a similar listing with more geographic availability is the Patch website, found at www.patch.com.  I also recommend contacting your city or town hall to see if they have something similar as local business directory listings are very effective from a marketing perspective. Learn more about our Internet Directory Registration Services.

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