Linkedin Networking? Tips for Completing Your Personal and Business Profile

If you are looking to gain some visibility on the internet then you need to join and start using Linkedin. Found at Linkedin.com, LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional social networks with more than 90 million members worldwide. LinkedIn is a vehicle for business networking to help you exchange ideas, knowledge, and business opportunities with a broad network of professionals worldwide.

For those looking to gain some company visibility Linkedin has a very powerful business directory listing of company profiles that can be searched by name, industry, location, size, and hiring status. You can add your company for free and research company profiles to find and explore potential companies to work for or to partner. These profiles include a company overview, they show you who you may know at the company, and other unique data from the LinkedIn network.

I have started and joined many groups on Linkedin. These have proven to be worth the time and effort I put in to them.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Linkedin:

  • Complete both a personal and business profile to 100% completeness
  • Get and give recommendations
  • Connect with others
  • Join groups with people you want to reach and add helpful ideas to discussions
  • Start a group that will attract those you want to reach
  • Add your picture.

Given the potential of these tools for networking I feel that many people are at a disadvantage if they do not have a picture on their Linkedin profile. I have asked a number of colleagues on whether to have a picture displayed and here are the top 3 reasons most people give for having a picture on Linkedin:

1. It lets people know you are a real person.

2. Often, there is more than one person with your name so it tells them which one you are.

3. It avoids people thinking you are technologically challenged

The bottom line is that a photo with an online account equals trust, and people are less likely to trust anything online without seeing the actual person behind the information. Photos can make discrimination by potential employers based on race, age, and weight easier, but if people are doing that then you don’t want to work for them anyway.

By spending time on Linkedin you are increasing your visibility and the ability of others to connect to you. Once you connect to others on Linkedin you have the ability to send direct messages to them and with that, the potential for ongoing communication and introductions to others you want to meet, and that is what  networking is all about.

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