Is Your Website Homepage Not Working For You?

website not working for you

How to Make Your Website Homepage Work For You

I have worked with many business owners, who, because they want to get a website presence online very quickly, decide to go with a template or do-it-yourself-website, or hire a cheap web designer who knows nothing about their industry. In their haste to get this website up-they often “borrow” website text from competitor’s sites which is often poorly written and filled with industry jargon. There are a number of important considerations that I’d like to share with you for creating or revising homepages that can work as effective ways to get more visibility, and ultimately, more business.

First, because your website’s homepage is one of the most highly visited pages on your website- it must have several key elements in order to be effective:

  • Logical/Aesthetically Pleasing/Easy to navigate design
  • Content that is interesting, engaging, organized
  • Calls to action (gets people to take some action)
  • Separates you from others in industry/Shows the value you bring
  • Content that is Optimized for SEO

Homepage Design Matters

In order to be an effective branding tool, your website, at minimum, must have an aesthetically pleasing Homepage design and a logically ordered and easy to navigate menu that allows people to find what they are looking for quickly. If this is not present they will leave your website out of sheer frustration. Template sites are good at getting a site up quickly at low initial cost but may not perform well at separating you from others, and often have limited design options and limited functionality.

Content is King

Your website homepage content is extremely important for a number of reasons; most importantly, if written well-it encourages people to stay on your site longer; read more, delve more deeply into the site, and take some action. And these are all factors that affect your website’s ranking with search engines.

Calls to Action

Your homepage should enable people to take some action based on what they see; whether it be to sign up for your newsletter, get more information about products or services, get a quote, or call now. If you do not give the site visitor options-then they will do nothing, and ultimately, all that you have online is a digital brochure.

What Separates You

It is important that you specify what makes you different from others in your line of work. Do you have special skills, a unique mission, advanced training, proven industry experience or problem-solving products or services? What value do you bring to your work? Having a link to “case studies” on your Homepage can help people see examples of the value that you bring.

SEO and Homepages

It is important to take the time to organize your homepage with keyword researched page titles and headings, as well as implementing strategic keyword usage in your website copy so that the search engines can find and display your website in search results. The web text must also coincide with proper website meta-tag coding in order to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO).

In summary, the main purpose of your homepage is ultimately to weed out people who shouldn’t be there, and help direct the relevant visitors into the correct area of your website. You do this by:

  1. Helping people understand what you do, and why you do it
  2. Convincing them why you are the best one to help
  3. Encouraging them to delve deeper into your website
  4. Showing the problems you have helped other’s solve
  5. Enabling them to contact you further or learn more about your products or services

Now that you know what makes a good homepage on websites, I ask you again: Is Your Website Homepage Not Working For You?

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