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Internet Directory Business Listings: Why They are Important

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A good percentage of my business is from people who call me for help because they are frustrated that their business is nowhere to be found in a Google search.

They oftentimes may show up in a search for their business name, but they also want to show up when someone types in certain keywords, and the city or town of their business location.

Oftentimes, they worked with a web designer who doesn’t understand, or does not offer search engine optimization. Sometimes, they built the site themselves, but have no clue what to do next.

In recent years, we have seen how Google,Yahoo, and Bing, have made dramatic shifts in their algorithms; the formula they use to rank/return search results, and all the trends point to the fact that they are placing higher importance on local search as one of the most relevant factors in returning search results.

In addition to the importance of local search relevance, mobile search is a major factor in the algorithm. Research indicates that approximately one in five searches is performed from a mobile device. Mobile searches primarily glean their search results from local search engines.

Given these trends, the importance of creating an accurate, thorough, internet business listing, and listing it across a wide variety of search listing sites, is essential for the small business owner.

Getting Started With Your Business Listing

It is a no brainer for every business to have a listing on Google Local business since Google is the most frequently searched search engine. A good listing will make your website easier to find in an online search. You will need to set up a Google account if you don’t have one already. Creating a good listing will take time, so allot at least an hour, possibly two. You will need to complete information about your business such as the category of your business, hours of operation, a description of services offered, geographic service area, etc.

For those looking to get started now with setting up multiple listings across the internet, you should know that there is no one service that can get you listed on every internet directory. My next article will discuss the three major players in this arena.

If you want to get started now, my recommendation is to use a service that allows you to set up your business listing on one of the three major services that will start posting your listing across multiple sites, or platforms. The Internet Directory Business Listing Service  that I offer, allows me to post your detailed business listing on over 150 search platforms for one yearly price. This saves the business owner the time, and money of having to list your business on each platform, and pay each platform’s listing fee; a very tedious and expensive process. Contact me to learn more or to get started.

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