How to Maintain Your WordPress Website


Maintaining Your WordPress Website

A growing number of people are choosing WordPress because it is an easy to use, low cost website platform. WordPress gotten a great reputation because someone with very little training and experience can create a simple website, as well as change content and pictures themselves.

For many small business owners, this can be a great software platform to have a modern looking and highly functional website. But what some people fail consider is the fact that it takes a lot of learning and know how to build and maintain a lead generating website. This is especially true because a wordpress website and plugins need to be updated periodically for usability and security reasons.

This article focuses on what some of our web developers do to maintain their sites and their client’s websites. I apologize in advance if this is too technical but I feel that people need to understand what goes into maintenance of a website and maybe some of this you can do yourself and some subcontract out.

How to Maintain Your WordPress Website

1. Update the version of WordPress installs the versions of the installs of the domain.

Older versions can get hacked or not be compatible with new plugins

2. Check your themes(Main design template)

Again, old versions can have security holes that can be exploited.

3. Check your Plugins

As with Themes, old plugin versions can have security holes allowing hackers to exploit, and some may become incompatible with other plugins.

4. Check your website code’s efficiency

One site we use, http://gtmetrix.com/ is a great place to do that.

Additionally this is where you can possibly see any holes in your site that might be exploited.

5. Back up your Website files and database

We recommend that all website files be backed up and stored regularly. Some hosting companies provide this service but may only back up file for a month. You need to have backups of files that are clean so always keep copies of website files from the time it is created to the present.

6. Check your software

Sometimes on the computer you are using you may have a program there that is preventing you from accessing files or programs.

Most of the time it is an anti-virus program, but not always.

Sometimes, turning those off and testing your system can provide various insights.

7.  Check your hardware

Take a look at your hard drives, cables/wires, Video cards, RAM, plugs, monitors, etc. Most of the time, if there is a problem, just swapping them out for new ones can make a difference in performance.

By providing regular maintenance to your WordPress website you can prevent hackers from gaining access to your website, your files and computer. Once compromised, these attacks can drain your computer resources, shut down your website, and cause data breaches if they hack into your computer or files. Given all these risks it is a no brainer to make sure your website is maintained regularly.

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