How to Get Clients to “Feel the Love” Branding Ideas That Work

Are your customers/clients “feeling the love” from your business? If not, here are some branding ideas that work.


If not, you risk losing them because today’s customers are bombarded with many marketing messages and many people are highly influenced by these messages so customer loyalty may be becoming a thing of the past.

Just what does “feeling the love” really mean in today’s marketing environment and how do you convey this to them without coming off as too “salesy” or not genuine, to increase sales?

This article discusses how to instill a sense love into your brand by giving you some branding ideas used by successful brands.

A growing number of people are now going online to search for products or services and using social media to look at what our friends and connections are doing. There are interested in which restaurants friends are “checking in,” and they are reading reviews people write about products or services before buying them, so you need to have an online presence that is proactive, intuitive, and one that incorporates some manner of interaction with clients and prospects.


So what is love to the typical shopper?

  • Love is giving them what they want in the form of products or services.
  • Love is providing a way for them to feel recognized, heard, thanked, and acknowledged
  • Love is providing pricing that is fair, transparent and consistent
  • Love is asking for their opinion and sometimes making changes as a result of their feedback
  • Love is showing them that you care about them, their business and the community
  • Love is sometimes “breaking the rules” if the situation warrants it
  • Love is regularly telling them what you have been doing for them and not assuming they know it

How Do You Give Them What They Want?

  • Ask them what products or services they want through using online surveys, focus groups, social media, mailings, and in person
  • Ask them if what they are getting from you meets their needs
  • Ask people who know your clients, or who could refer to you what the client’s need
  • Try something out and see if it meets their needs or is something they want

The bottom line here is you cannot assume that people need or want what you have to offer, or even if they will continue to want what you have been providing to them; you have to ask them on a regular basis if they feel the love, and thank them in tangible ways.

We all can think of examples where we lost good customers/clients because we did not take the time to do some of the things mentioned above. So I ask you now, “Do you know if your customers are feeling the love?”

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