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How to Find Interesting Content and Ideas For Your Blog Articles

Tips for Finding Interesting Content For Your Blog Articles

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Use Trending Topics for Ideas

A number of my clients truly want to blog about their business but simply lack ideas about what to write. One of the things I suggest they do is search online for “trending topics.” These are topics that are appearing in the news or online and there is much activity in the form of blog and social media posting. By relating trending topics to your industry you can ride on the interest and searches around those related keywords and thereby gain some traction in your search rankings.

Use Online Tools for Ideas and Resources

One source online for finding good trending ideas is Addict-o-matic. With the multitude of social media sites, and search engines out there, it can be overwhelming to gather relevant information for your blog ideas. Addict-o-matic™ has been around since 2008, and recently seen a surge in use. It is an easy to use search tool that searches sites around the web for the latest blog posts, videos, news, and pictures about any topic. Once you search an item, Addict-o-matic organizes for you a custom web page listing of search results on your topic. They gather the information from social media sites, search engines, and other sites like Facebook, Bing, Ask.com, Wikio, Twitter, WordPress, FriendFeed, Google Blog Search, YouTube, Flickr, Yahoo, and some others.

Another source for ideas is to set up a Google Alerts notifications.

By setting a an alert using a keyword or keyword phrase, Google will notify you by email any time the keyword is used in a news article, blog post, or other posting online.

These search results that you receive from these tools are great resources for ideas, references, related videos and slides for your blog posts. By using these tools you can keep your blog posts coming, and therefore, make your subscribers happy and informed about your work.

Are you using any of these tools, or others, to get ideas for your blog?

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