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Email Signatures: Using Yours as a Marketing Tool to Help You Get More Business

Anyone in the marketing business understands the importance of email signatures as marketing messages. This article seeks to discuss the importance and added value of a well-crafted email signature and provides some of the newest, cutting edge, marketing techniques.

Signatures are text entries placed below the email content in outgoing email messages. In many companies there are standard formats which include name, title, company, phone, fax, email, and web address. Having this basic information on your work email makes it easy for your customers, or potential customers to contact you and projects a professional image about you and your company.

Signatures can have other functions as well. They can be used to brand a message for a product or company, build trust, or cross sell products or services. Many signatures include company tag lines.

Since many companies offer email newsletters, and an increasing number are blogging- it makes sense for these business signatures to include links to these relationship-building tools. I have even seen some signatures promoting and linking to upcoming event information, coupons, coupon codes, and promotions.

For my signature, in addition to most of the above-I have added a vcard which is  an electronic business card. Anyone reading my email can click on my vcard icon and easily add this information to their address book without having to manually type in, or copy and paste my information. If you haven’t already done so-I would suggest setting up your vcard to enable your business contacts to load your contact information with the click of a mouse.

If you have Windows and are running Microsoft Outlook- the following link shows you how to add a signature:


If you have a Mac- the below link shows you how to set up your signature:


I hope this article has demonstrated the importance of taking the time to get your signature updated. By utilizing some of these helpful tips-you can accelerate the pace of your email marketing efforts, and build trust in your customer base.

Please send me any success stories of putting this advice into practice for your business.

Wayne Kessler, is President of Accelerated Business Services, a Boston based consulting firm dedicated to helping small business owners understand and use technology to grow their business.

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