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Better New Years Resolutions; 8 Tips for Setting Marketing Goals in 2010

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Many of us still believe that it is important to start the new year off right, to set and achieve a personal or professional goal, to do something we’ve been wanting to do all last year but never got around to doing it. And there is value to that goal focused thinking…for some. Because the reality is, statistically speaking, only 22% of men and only 14% of women are actually likely to keep their resolutions.

Over the years, many friends, family and colleagues have attempted to lose weight, stop smoking, and exercise more. And many of my clients, or prospective clients have expressed an interest in expanding their marketing plan to include things like creating an enewsletter, updating and optimizing their website, or using social networking sites like Linkedin and Facebook to build relationships and generate leads.

Occasionally, I will ask these people about their progress in keeping their resolutions, and I have heard a variety of explanations most of which are symptomatic of either a lack of will power, a shift in priorities, attention deficit disorder, procrastination, or some combination thereof.

Some of the main reasons experts give for people not achieving their goals are that the goals are either not specific enough, not measurable, not achievable or agreed upon by all involved, not realistic or relevant, or not time-based or trackable. In short, the goals were not created and monitored correctly.

In an effort to help people to create and achieve their goals- I offer the following 8 Tips for setting marketing goals in 2010:

  • Tip#1-  Break down a larger goal into a series of achievable, measurable goals
  • Tip#2-  Put time frames on the achievement of these goals
  • Tip#3-  Identify and enlist the people that can help you reach these goals
  • Tip#4-  Make sure that each person understands expectations around goal completion dates and their responsibility or role
  • Tip#5- Write action steps and deliverable dates into your daily schedule and remind others of key milestone dates
  • Tip#6-  Deal with barriers to completion immediately, and modify goals as needed
  • Tip#7- Make a list of rewards for yourself and others when you have reached your goals and reward yourself and others when goals are achieved
  • Tip#8- Create and regularly update a visual display, e.g. graph, or chart, indicating progress on goal completion

goal achievement visual display graph

Forget the old approach to goal setting and New Years resolutions. It simply does not work for most people. By creating specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based goals and by having visual reminders and rewards for goal completion-we can ensure our success in 2010.

Questions for discussion:

1. What works for you in setting or achieving goals?

2. How do you motivate team members to help you achieve a shared goal?

3. What rewards or incentives have you used that have worked?

I would love to hear your comments and feedback.

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