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Find Lost or Misplaced Objects with the Tile App

The Best App to Find Lost or Misplaced Objects : The Tile App



With the busy lives that many of us lead- we are bound to misplace, forget the location of, or lose items of importance to us like our keys, wallets, TV remote, purses, laptops, bikes, cars, etc.

Until recently, there has never been a device that is accurate and affordable which can help you to locate missing objects, resulting in many stressful, time consuming, embarrassing and expensive situations. There also hasn’t been a product of this type that allows you to track multiple objects with multiple tiles, all from an App on one device.

A newly developed App, called the Tile App, was created by Nick Evans and fellow creator, Mike Farley, who started the company in November 2012.

The Tile Device

The actual “Tile” device, is a waterproof, stamp-size adhesive square that helps to locate lost items that it is attached to via a double sided adhesive, via a key chain, or simply drop the Tile inside an item.

Ways to Use the Tile App

Some ways to use Tile and objects to be found include:

tile on keychain

  • Attaching Tile to key chains
  • Placing Tile in purses, wallets
  • Attaching Tile to phones, remote controls, laptops, bikes
  • Placing Tiles in cars or books

How to Find an Object Using Tile

Once the item is lost, misplaced or stolen, you then use the free Tile iPhone App to pinpoint the location of the Tile and the lost item.  The Tile app remembers where it last saw your Tile, so you can easily find it right where you left it.

If for some reason the item is out of range or not visible with the App, users can activate an audible alarm on the Tile to help find it; similar to calling your own phone when you misplaced it, but your Tile is on all the time and battery life wont be an issue.


The Power of Community in Locating Missing Stolen Items

If one of your tiled items is lost or stolen, you can mark it as a stolen item in the App, and if any other tile user happens to be in the vicinity of the item, that particular tile will communicate the position of your tile (item) to you discreetly. This video shows how it works. No one will know where your tile is but you. It was designed with privacy in mind so you won’t even know whose tile sent you the signal, nor will the tile’s owner know anything about the location of your lost item. Obviously, the strength of this feature will depend on the number of users who may be in the vicinity of your lost item.

What is the Technology That Makes It Work?

The Tile device uses the low-energy bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology as a mini-GPS to locate lost items. The range of the device is up to 150 feet.

Tile Presently Is Compatible Only With Apple Products

For now, the Tile app is only available for Apple products and is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0. Therefore, it only works with Apple devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd and 4th gen, and iPod Touch 5th gen.

The company reports that once more Android phones become compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, Tile will release an Android app as well.

Cost/ How to Order the Tile App

Tiles range in price from 1 tile for $18.95, to 9 Tiles (+ 3 Bonus Tiles) for $170.55, and are now on preorder. But when the product launches in Winter of 2013, it will retail for $25 each. The device has a battery life of one year, after such time users must purchase a new Tile. The company says that when it’s time for a new device, you simply mail your old one back to be recycled, so that users will continue to get the latest versions of the product and not have to continually replace the expensive custom coin cell battery. You can order Tile here

Learn more by viewing a video on Tile App

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